Lowell Naturalization and Citizenship Services offers a set of 10 classes geared specifically to cover the 100 Civic Questions.

Each lesson has a specific theme covering specific questions: Examples -jwj-naturalization-00012

  • Geography, Symbols & Holidays lesson covers 13 questions of the Civics test.
  • The Bill of Rights and other Ammendments – 10 questions
  • Modern U. S. History – 8 questions
  • Government –  The Executive Branch – 15 questions
  • Government – the Legislative Branch – 14 questions

And many more…  Additionally, students will learn to read and write specific vocabulary for the Reading and Writing part of the English Test.

A proven way to make students understand and retain the the material without feeling anxious, nervous or aprehensive. By offering a background of American History and Government, the questions come alive. Remembering becomes easier.

Each class is 1 1/2 hour in duration and the total for the 10 classes is $400.00.

Call us @ (978) 805-8272 or use the Contact Us form on the left side of the page to schedule your classes. You will be glad you did!