IMG_0200Fee Waivers are hard to come by. USCIS is not funded by the United States Government. Instead it funds itself by the money received from the fees charged.

However, there are instances that the $680.00 per person fee for Naturalization can be waived. The following are examples:

1- you receive a means tested benefit such as Supplemental Security Income – SSI, Medicaid, Suplemental Nutrional Assistance Program – SNAP (Food Stamps), Temporary Assistance for the Needy Families- TANF or similar

You will need a letter from a Federal or State Agency, written in English, clearly indicating that you currently receive this benefit, the monthly amount, the validity, period and including the name of the agency issuing the benefit 

2- your household income is at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Dollar figures according to household numbers and deductions on Tax Returns.

You are required to bring your previous year (until April) or current year Income Tax for this fee waiver request  

3- you have a financial hardship – unemployment, large medical expense, a large loss. An explanation will be necessary.

Proof or unemployment checks or any other loss/difficulty which would help explain why you have a hardship required

All decisions whether to approve or not approve a fee waiver are made at the USCIS office in Texas, when they receive your initial package.  You will be notified of their decision.