In order to apply for a Medical Disability Exception, Form N-648 must be completed and sent along with the N-400 Naturalization. Form N-648 can ONLY be completed and certified by the following licensed medical professionals:

 Medical Doctors

Doctors of ostheopathy

Clinical psychologysts

The applicant must demonstrate a disability or impairment that affects the functioning of the individual such that, even with reasonable accommodations, he or she is unable to demonstrate the educational requirements for naturalization. Illiteracy alone is not a valid reason to seek an exception to the educational requirements. In addition, advanced age, in and of itself, is not a medically determinable physical or developmental disability or mental impairment.

Acceptance of Form N-648 and Establishing Eligibility for Disability is reviewed by the Officer at the Naturalization Interview’s point, NOT when the papers are received in Texas and you are assigned a case number.