10740909-world-map-with-country-flags-on-itWhen you are ready to become an American Citizen, you will need to bring the following information for your N-400 session. Please pay close attention to the list.

1-  green card ( 5 years or 3 years if married to U.S. Citizen)

2- Two (2) photos 2 x 2 (inches) white background – no headcovering or glasses

3-   a check or money order for $680.00 payable to the “DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY” – no abbreviations

4-   social security number

5-   a list of every address you lived in the last 5 years, beginning with where you live now. Include dates “from –to” in every place you live in.

6-   A list of every place you have worked for, or school, if you were a student, include military service, in the last 5 years.  Begin with your most recent job. Include dates “from – to”. Include self-employment as well.

7-   A list of every trip you took outside the USA in the last 5 years, beginning with your most recent one. Count the days outside the United States. List the exact date you left, countries you visited and the exact date you returned. 

8-   How many times were you married including annulment, and divorce, here in the US or abroad.

9-   If you are married now, the following information about your spouse is needed: a- Green card # if any, or place and date when spouse became a citizen. If born in the USA, no documents needed. Also needed is spouse Social Security number and the date of your marriage. if spouse does not live with you, please provide his/her address.  If you are not married now but were before, information about prior/priors spouse/s immigration status will be needed. Also bring the date of your previous marriage and date the marriage ended. If you divorced and are remarried, bring your divorce papers. List all your previous marriages in this manner, if more than one.   

10-       List all your children whether they live with you or not, are alive, missing or dead, born in the USA or in other countries, under 18 or adults, married or unmarried, stepsons or stepdaughters or legally adopted, or born when you were not married.  Need green card #s for all the children, if they have, and addresses for all here in the US and abroad.

11-       Additional documents such as divorce decree; death certificate may be needed. If in a foreign language they must be translated from the native language to English by certified translator. if you had any arrest, citation  or detention by law enforcement in which a report was made, both, the report and the final disposition must be obtained by you to be included with the N-400 before sending it.

12-       Male men aged 18-26 years old are required to register with the Selective Service and bring their number as well as the date of registration. 

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