“I will save your website and provide it to who needs it. Thanks for your help. My mom, Surjit Singh goes on Wednesday for the swearing Ceremony”  

Bal Jackson – daughter of                  Surjit Singh – India





IMG_8963 Marcia, Thank you for helping me with my Citizenship. The classes were great and I learned a lot about the the US. They made the test a lot easier.  It’s great being an American citizen. Thank you.

       Debora Matos – Brazil



″Thank you very much Marcia for helping me getting my citizenship.  I will help spread the message among my community(Sierra leone) about your program. I got my citizenship three months ago. Happy New Year and may the lord almighty bless you and your family. Please feel free to call me anytime. Thanks again. Ishmael ″

ISHMAEL KALLON –  Sierra Leone

″Marcia hola soy beatriz oconnell trate de localisarte para contarle q pase la ciudadania,gracias x tu ayuda q dios te vendiga gracias,ya soy ciudadana de eeuuheres grandiose yles recomiendo a tan bella persona tiene una tactica maravillosa para ensenar vendicines″

                                        BEATRIZ O’CONNELL – Colombia


″Perseverance, Patience, Love, Reliable, Observant″

AGNES KAMARA – Sierra Leone (81 y/o)

Hello mi nombre es Ana P Ochoa. Gracias Marcia por las clases de ciudadania y civicas y  por llenarme los documentos de naturalizacion.. Aprendi mucho con tigo y gracias a ti me pude hacer ciudadana americana. Gracias de nuevo y mucha suerte.


“Ms. Marcia, I will ask all my friends if they know someone that are applying for their citizenship and I will tell them about you, so they will come to you.”

Connie Staskel – Philippines

 ”Good evening Marcia. How have you been and how are by you? Hope you are taking time to enjoy the summer. I not only loved and appreciated your citizenship services, I also thank you for your time, it goes without saying. I will and it is an honour to send all and any referrals to you. it is such a pleasure to have met you. I have been an American Citizen since last year and I might be needing some more of your excellent services to get my Fiancee over.”


Chike Emejuaiwe – Nigeria

“I left there (Naturalization Office), got to the street, let out a big scream;”

              “YEAH, I PASSED!” —Luis de Lima – Brazil

” Just received my Oath Ceremony. It will be on July 24 @ Worcester, MA. Thanks again Marcia for filling my papers once again”

Marylyn Lewis – Montserrat (British Citizen)

meraly 2“Hey Marcia, how you doing, is me Meraly. I just wanted to tell you that I passed the test. I’m so happy! Thank you for your help!”

Meraly Pichardo – Dominican Republic

“Marcia, I passed my Citizenship. :) yea, I’m so Happy! Thank you so much for all your help.”

Cynthia Cordero – Dominican Republic


PART_1377710049436 jonathan


“Marcia, do you know where I am??

In Lowell @ the Merrimack Repertory Theater for my Naturalization Ceremony.  It’s a beautiful day. “

Jonathan Madu- Liberia




From the Phillipines, Ms. Prudencia Castanares has just become an U.S. Citizen at age 81!!  Congratulations Ms. Castanares. Well Done!!! Very proud of you.

Ms. Prudencia Castanares – Phillipines  - picture sent by her daughter Connie Staskel


Lizete Quirino just became an American Citizen too, on April 17, 2014.

Congrats Lizete!! Lowell Naturalization is super proud of you.

Lizete Quirino-Brazil




Francisco pic

This is Francisco Monsalve from Brazil. He had a dream of becoming an American Citizen since childhood and now he is! Congrats Francisco. LNCS is so proud of you and so happy to help you achieve your dream.                                               Francisco Monsalve – Brazil


musu pic

This is Musu Gaye from Liberia and I. She has just become an American Citizen. Way to go Musu. We are now waiting for her daughter to go to her ceremony to add her picture too. Congrats Musu. Do proud of you. Thank you for letting me help you.       Musu Gaye -Liberia




Sirleniz and her family

Sirleniz is originally from Brazil, but now she is a new American Citizen!! Way to go Sirleniz! We are very proud of you.






This is Refat Deus from Egypt. He got his Citizenship 2 Weeks ago. His wife is next! Congrats Refat. LNCS is proud to have helped you achieve your dream! IMG_6777